The Colour Yellow

I seem to be drawn to the colour yellow at the moment. I am finding that it is a colour that makes me happy and dream of warmer days and because of this  I have been adding the colour in some way or another to most of the rooms in my house and because of the lovely Cathy from the blog nanacathydotcom, asking me if I had any fabric with a bee print on it to make an apron I also like sewing with yellow fabric  as well !


Primrose in a bright beautiful yellow to brighten up my kitchen window. Cost 79 p from my local garden centre.


Daffodils £1.00 from the supermarket to bring cheer to the sitting room.


and finally Cathy’s bee apron made me think of Summers future and past, whilst making the apron.

I have also been making some Alice In Wonderland bunting to list in my shop later on this week,


watching the movie ‘Logan’ with my son, reading ‘The Farm’ by Tom Rob Smith, taking long walks in the woods, baking bread, watching ‘The Team’ and ‘Homeland’, reminding myself daily not to worry about the small stuff, got my haircut into a shorter bob and cooking tasty dinners for my family. All these things cost very little but they make a big difference to how I feel as for the first time ever I have suffered from what I call the winter blues but the more the sun shines the better I feel and everyday I feel a little better.

What colour is a happy colour for you ?

Have a good and happy week, Tabitha


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  1. Shanda says:

    Lovely post, Tabitha! I have to agree that Yellow is my go-to cheerful color, too. LOVE your last paragraph.

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    1. Thank you Shanda 😀


  2. I think yellow is the happiest colour. A couple of years ago I brought some bright yellow yarn because I was hankering after a yellow cardigan, but I couldn’t find a pattern I liked. I did knit some of it into socks, but the rest is still sitting in my stash

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    1. Maybe some yellow wrist warmers to use some more of your yellow wool up:)

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      1. That’s a good idea 🙂

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  3. nanacathy2 says:

    Daffodils are my favourite flower! But my happy colour would be turqoise blue from the Mediterrean sea.

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    1. Turquoise blue what a lovely colour Cathy


  4. justelly1 says:

    I like the color yellow. It reminds me of Easter, spring, goslings
    But my happy color is definitely RED 🙂
    I use it as part of the decoration, have tons of red clothes and I dont know how many red shoes I own. Even my glasses is bright red.
    Yes, my happy color is red hehehe

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    1. I love red, I got married in red 😊

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  5. Yellow is so cheerful, especially in the spring! I think it’s the brightness that makes it so special after the winter months! Have a lovely weekend. x

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    1. Wishing you a happy weekend to Sharon x

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