Pom pom scarfs

I like wearing scarfs and wear them most of the year, knitted and chunky in Winter, an infinity scarf in the Autumn and in the Spring and cooler Summer days, a much lighter scarf made from soft cottons and an element of fun.

I have never made myself a scarf  and to be honest, it had never entered my mind to, until I saw one in Lotta Jansdotter Everyday Style book which as I said in my previous post, I am slowly making my way through her beautiful designs.

I did adapt it a bit, but that’s the sewer in me coming out. I sewed a hem all around to stop my fabric fraying and added some machine embroidery.

All you need to make this is some lightweight fabric, pom pom trim and a sewing machine ……

scarfs 003

I chose a soft 100% cotton fabric in a medium grey, cut into a triangle. The easiest way to do this is to fold your fabric over to make a triangle, and then cut ( I had a meter of standard width fabric which makes 2 scarfs with some left over ).

I folded the edges over twice ironing as I went, to create the a 1 cm hem ( on the wrong side of the fabric ). Then simply machine stitched along the longest side.

Then I pinned the pom pom trim in place along the 2 short sides ( on the right side of the fabric ) before machine stitching in place. This also stitches your ironed hem down as well.

scarfs 004

Yellow and grey work so well together and if you aren’t feeling brave with colour, using it in the trim works well.

I then wanted to add some machine embroidery and set my machine to a dainty leaf design, or so I thought ! It turned out that, somehow, I had set it to a completely different design and didn’t notice until I had started sewing ! But it turned out for the best as I love it and I would never have thought of choosing that pattern in a million years. So this was a good mistake.

scarfs 008

scarfs 010

It turned out well and I will be making myself more in a range of different colours. I can see me wearing this a lot as it is ideal for this time of the year and for Summer evenings.

Do you like to wear scarfs and have you ever made yourself any ?

Have a good week

Tabitha x


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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    I have made a scarf for me but a very very long time ago when I was a student, and it was very very long as was the trend then. I love your new scarf .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Was it a knitted one ? Have you not been tempted to make another ?


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