Fun at the beach

Yesterday evening the teens and I went for a walk along the beach and it was such a gorgeous evening.

We played hot potato ( good for the biceps so I discovered ) and I photographed my new tea towels and then we strolled home as the sunset.

tea towels 027

Tea towels galore now in my Etsy shop and my new Folksy shop.

tea towels 021

My two messing around with the football. The tide was coming in and there was only a handful of people down there.

tea towels 032

My son took this photograph of the new lifeguard stand and we came over all Baywatch and started running in slow motion ! Thankfully the beach was empty by then.

tea towels 040

Then it was time to walk home along the River Arun watching people messing about in their boats as the sunset.

What has everyone else done this weekend ? I did plenty of sewing and lots and lots of unpicking as I was having a stupid moment and kept sewing the same sleeve back in the wrong place three flipping times !!!

Tabitha x


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