I am going to make a voodoo doll

‘ I am going to make a voodoo doll ‘  were the words my 14 year old daughter mumbled to me on Sunday.

‘ Oh OK ‘ I replied when really I wanted to say WHY !!!!!

Each holiday from school I encourage my daughter to sew. In the past she has sewn several cushion covers including a patchwork bolster cushion, for her room, bunting, a tote bag, drawstring bag and various other items.

Its something she enjoys, its good for filling in the hours on rain soaked days and yes its spending precious time together.

So I will admit I was more than a little shocked when she said she wanted to make a Voodoo doll.

We started by googling images of various Voodoo dolls ( not how I think of Voodoo dolls, they were all rather cute looking ) and then when she found one she liked she made a quick sketch of it and went from there.

She decided to make her’s from felt and started cutting out the various parts.

voodoo doll 003

Then it was on to the sewing machine ….

voodoo doll 005

Now those of you with a keen eye may have noticed that she is using pink felt in the above photograph and stitching a round shape, this is because she changed her design so many times ! It filled several hours, with me biting my tongue when all I wanted to do was scream ‘ Make up your mind girl ‘.

This is the end result, shes pleased with it and says it can be used as a pin cushion on our next project, well Voodoo dolls and pins do go together I suppose.

voodoo doll 007

The hand in the photograph is my daughters and on the first day of breaking up from school she painted her nails black and just yesterday we coloured her beautiful dark blond hair red ( semi permanent colour ) I could have cried but she is her own person and I do remember what its like being a teenager. As her elder brother says to me ‘ She’s growing up and its what all her friends are doing ‘.

Its only when we get older that we want to be seen as an individual rather than one of the pack so that day will come but for now she can be like all the rest as long as she is happy.

Last Friday I had a day out with my eldest in the beautiful cathedral City of Chichester where we shopped, or I should say he did and I stood around, and then we went to the cinema and watched the movie ‘ Dunkirk ‘. Has anyone else seen it ? It is a strangely beautiful film and as moving as I knew it would be.

Enjoy the rest of your week, Tabitha

P.s Just a quick note to say all my aprons in adult and mini me sizes can now be personalised you can find them in both my Etsy store and my Folksy store. Thank you.



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