Project bags for knitters

It’s so nearly Christmas and I am so not organised, how about you ? I can see myself this year buying everyone’s gifts last minute. I am trying to make everyone a little something, except for the teens in the family and maybe the men, then buy them a gift as well from other makers hopefully. I am not at all stressed, not at all !!!!!!!

Today I made my first project bag for knitters and am planning on making several more over the weekend in all different colours. I have always made project bags for sewers but never really knitters, probably because I sew more than I knit. So after a few attempts I have decided to go with this bucket style bag ……

project bags 002

It has a pocket on the outside for your knitting needles and inside it has 7 pockets varying in size to hold all your essentials and a loop for stitch holders.

They will hold plenty of yarn and are fully lined, top stitched, and made from a combination of medium weight fabrics some new and some recycled.

They will be available in my Etsy shop from Tuesday ( I hope ) and I think they would make a lovely Christmas gift for a knitter with a couple of nice balls of yarn.

Anyway I am now of to meet my girl from school and we are all going to see the movie Murder On The Orient Express, have you seen it ?

Have a lovely weekend, Tabitha x

PS I nearly forgot to say that I am offering free postage ( UK only ) on all purchases in my Etsy store.



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