Christmas traditions

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would share my Christmas traditions and I would love to hear yours.

christmas cake 007

  1. I always make a Christmas cake in November using a Nigella Lawson recipe and we all make a wish whilst mixing the cake then it is wrapped up tightly and stored away until it’s time to marzipan then ice the cake. Rather than the traditional brandy I use sherry in the cake and find this works really well.
  2. The last week of November we let the children choose a Christmas decoration for their own trees and will eventually take with them when they have their own homes.
  3. We watch the film Love Actually for a family movie night which then kick starts the Christmas movie nights each weekend in the run up to Christmas.
  4. On the 1st of December my children put up a tree in each of their bedrooms and can decorate until their hearts are content.
  5. This year I am making a pledge to shop local and/or handmade to support my high street and small handmade businesses on Etsy and Folksy, for most of my gifts. Please checkout Holly & Co for more details. I am also trying to make some of my own gifts which at the moment I am struggling with as I seem to be lacking inspiration just when I need it most.23596610_547600525588357_8541938010344652800_n
  6. Tis the season to drink hot chocolate, personally I prefer a green tea or a fresh coffee, but my two love it so when they come in from school etc… on a cold old day that’s what they are greeted with ( not everyday because then it wouldn’t be a treat, now would it ) .23507863_375801772856258_4714816923462795264_n
  7. Now I do like a little Christmas music whilst I wrap the presents, anything goes really as long as its festive.
  8. When the children were small I used to read them a Christmas story every night in the weeks running up to the big day, but now they are 15 and 19 this is no longer possible and it is probably the thing I miss the most.
  9. We all go out for a festive lunch.
  10. We light a lot of candles during the dark evenings.
  11. Our tree goes up a few days before Christmas and stays up until twelfth night. I try to add a little bit of Christmas to each and every room, using ivy and holly from my garden and pine cones I have collected from walks in the wood back in November which I either leave natural or use a little PVA glue and glitter. This year I want to make my own wreath for the front door and am seeking advice from my sister who is a florist to give me some tips for a simple wreath.
  12. Christmas eve party with all the family, secret Santa, watching the little ones in the family getting all excited, lots of tasty food and then games.
  13. A little Christmas eve gift before bedtime.
  14. By the time the big day comes its time to eat, have fun and be merry.
  15. Boxing day is for relaxing and a long walk along the river or in the woods for some well needed exercise and fresh air.

Tabitha x

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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Some lovely Christmas traditions there. We seem to be in a stage of evolving our Christmas. The days of frantic prepartion have gone as now we go to spend Christmas with our sons and grandchildren rather than them coming here. Which begs the question what do I do here. I take part in a Secret Santa and make gifts for my partner as you know, There is a get together for the library volunteers, which I guess replaces the awful office parties which I loathed. I won’t bother with a tree tree, I have a fabric tree and several home made decorations to put up. Christmas cards to write and send out. I volunteered to take food to my sons but he said no he wants to do it, but I am taking the crackers and napkins. Last year it felt strange but do you know, this year I am grateful to be taking the back seat!

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    1. I think it sounds a lovely Christmas Cathy x


  2. aseparovic says:

    Gorgeous family traditions Tabitha! Because my kids are still young, Christmas is a big deal in our house. Besides I love all things that glitter and sparkle, so the house is covered in fairy lights. We also have a home made quilted advent calendar filled with things like special hair clips and chocolate coins. And I always bake gingerbread as gifts. Have a lovely Christmas 😊

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    1. Your Christmas sounds lovely especially the fairy lights and the advent. My two have an advent calendar each my son has a chocolate one and my daughter a cosmetic one as they are both in their teens. Wishing you a merry Christmas x

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  3. Enjoyed your post. I love the idea of traditions. This is a new holiday tradition I am trying to spread this year. If you like it, please share it. Thanks, Rita

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