Tortilla chips and aprons

One of my favorite things to eat as a snack or to go alongside a spicy chilli are these homemade tortilla chips. They are salty, a little spicy and very, very tasty but most importantly easy to make yourself.

You will need –

1 pack of tortilla wraps

a little sunflower oil

a pinch of paprika


  1. Preheat your over to a medium heat
  2. mix your paprika and a little salt with your oil and then with a pastry brush, brush the mixture over your wraps on each side ( a light coating only )
  3. cut each wrap into 4 triangles I use a pizza cutter for ease
  4. place each triangle onto baking trays and bake in the oven turning half way through for about 8 minutes or until lightly brown and crispy. You will find some will bubble up which is great.
  5. carefully remove from oven and tip into a bowl then sprinkle with a little more salt if needed then eat straight away as these will not keep they go all soft again


In my last post I mentioned that I was making some new aprons for my Etsy shop  from some colourful and fun fabrics which I had purchased from Etsy well I have finally finished them this morning and listed them.

camping aprons 035

I had to photograph them in a corner of my bedroom rather than my usual place, the summer house as I was a coward and didn’t want to brave the cold.

The blue apron comes in adult and child sizes and it just makes me smile it really is such a cheerful design.

I am at present addicted to watching Netflix as they have some amazing documentaries on fashion and design and they are so inspiring. I find it interesting to see how designers and photographers work and where they get their inspiration from.

What is everyone having for dinner tonight ? I am making a spaghetti bolognese as its one meal that nobody moans about in this house !

Happy eating, Tabitha


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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Clever idea on the chip, and those aprons are just lovely. I made a curry last night with the last of our roast chicken.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Delicious you can’t beat a good curry Cathy


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