A makers apron and no motivation

Life has got in the way these last 3 weeks and my motivation has hit zero. There has been far more negative things happening than positive. I am trying not to dwell on the negative and instead I am going to list the positive here to remind myself ….

  • my daughter completed her work experience and she loved it.
  • I completed my makers apron which I designed from scratch making my own pattern etc ….
  • the skies have been blue rather than grey.
  • I have had some lovely feedback from my customers.
  • now its getting a little tricky to think of any more positives so lets move on …..

Onward’s and upward’s don’t they say ?

Well here is my finished makers apron


This apron is a long apron with adjustable cross back straps and has a large front pocket which has machine embroidery along the top edge.

It was a happy accident with the contrasting straps as I made them in a different fabric to save on the denim, as a mock up to get an idea of how long they needed to be and how they would work before making them in the main fabric. I pinned them in place, hung the apron up and sat and had a coffee whilst looking at the apron, when I realised I liked the way they look and if you know me my now, I am not very fond of everything all matching, so I went with the contrasting straps and to bring it all together made the pocket in the same fabric but added a denim edge along the top of it.

I have been wrapping my orders in yellow tissue paper as its now Spring ( even though it doesn’t feel like it ) and I am now hoping to get a lot more sewing done next week and get designing my range of gifts for makers.


Hope you have a lovely weekend, Tabitha


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