It’s been the longest time

I can’t believe I last posted on here at the start of April and now it’s August !

I really have had the worst lack of motivation that I have ever experienced in the 3 plus years I have been on here and not only on here but with running my little creative business as well.

I just think life in general has got in the way and that I have come to some sort of crossroads.

So after a lot of thinking I have decided to go back into the real world and have found myself a part time job which I am waiting on a start date ( which to be honest is driving me flipping mad, I hate waiting ! ) as working from home was a little bit isolating, it was fine when my children were younger and needed me more and then my husband started working longer hours as well so I was spending more and more time on my own.

I am still running my Etsy shop and have opened an Amazon handmade shop as well because this is still where my heart lies. I know my creative mojo will come back and I am working on lot’s of new ideas for the Autumn, including a new range of linen aprons in a choice of colours. I already have made this aubergine coloured linen apron that is already in my Etsy shop and will be added to my Amazon shop soon.



What have you thought of the heatwave we have been having in the UK ?

We went on holiday to Majorca back in June and since coming back we have been blessed with beautiful weather so I feel the Summer has been a long one and we are not even at the end of it yet.

It has meant time spent at the beach, walks in the countryside, evenings around the fire pit and lots more …….









Enjoy the rest of the Summer and I hope to be back soon





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  1. nanacathy2 says:

    Hello, good to hear from you. I quite understand your need to have a part time job. I loved being a stay at home Mum, until I realised everyone else had gone back to work, so I did too. I liked working but always prefered being at home, now I am retired I am finally at home and it is wonderful.
    Good luck with your new shop. I love my chicken apron.

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    1. Thank you Cathy I couldn’t agree more. I have just been feeling a little lost but onwards and upwards !


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